About US

Our company “Bulgari Sailing M.C.P.Y.” is a well-established Greek Yachting Company with over 16 years of experience in Yachts Management - Shipyard Services and Yacht Chartering. We offer charter Yachts from our Base at Volos for customers interested to sail the Agean Sea and explore the nearby "Sporades" Complex of Islands (Skiathos -Skopelos - Allonisos) and from our Base in Lefkas for sailing and exploring the "Eptanisa" Complex of Islands (Lefkas - Corfu -Kefalonia e.t.c. ) of the Ionian Sea.

“Bulgari Sailing M.C.P.Y.” was founded in 1997 by Kostas Boulgaris, former Navy Officer with more than 20 years duty in Greek Navy Submarines. His passion for the sea and especially for Yachting led him to venture into Yacht Chartering.

The web site "" is our new way to promote and provide our services through the Web. On the other hand it was a good idea to share pictures and videos from Yachts trips with our old and new customers. A new web site was the perfect way to do this.